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Headquarters:Moscow-city, Testovskaya str 10, BC North tower, office 256

Since the situation on the market of services offered is such that financial and credit institutions mistrust companies organizing debt financing for clients, and many clients see such companies as intermediaries, through which they can, by colluding and misleading the financial and credit organization, receive such financing, we declare:

•PrimeCapital™ is an independent private company. All services are rendered in accordance with the current law of the RF.

We do not “doctor” the books of our potential borrower, but together with it we plan its activity and give recommendations for its indicators for subsequent reporting periods to meet the requirements made to good borrowers.

We do not conceal from the financial and credit organization information that may hamper debt financing risk evaluation.

We do not conceal from our client information about additional expenses that may be incurred in servicing the borrower’s obligations in the future and that were not assessed at the stage of signing a financing agreement.

We do not lobby interests of a particular financial and credit organization, if its financing program is not optimal for the client.