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Headquarters:Moscow-city, Testovskaya str 10, BC North tower, office 256

The last several years have witnessed a stable growth of our country’s economy. Development is characterized by a high rate and a significant structural misbalance. In particular the share of small business in the total GDP does not exceed 10-15%, while in economically developed countries this share reaches 50-55%.

We sincerely believe in the development of Russian middle class and directly link it to the development of small and medium business. But not a single business can exist and develop without sufficient financing, including debt financing, of its operating and investment activity.

Currently Russia is experiencing a situation, where tough terms for receiving loans, long periods for reviewing applications and insufficient state support of small and medium business turn the process of obtaining debt financing into a complicated and time consuming procedure without assured result.

Taking into account our civic position and difficulties involved in organizing debt financing, we have established ZAO “Financial Angel” providing services under •PrimeCapital™ trademark, the aim of which is to raise capital for organizations and individual entrepreneurs avoiding a complicated and time consuming process and contributing to their growth and, consequently, to their well-being.