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Real financing!

Phone in Moscow: +7 (495)720 02 82

Headquarters:Moscow-city, Testovskaya str 10, BC North tower, office 256

 •PrimeCapital™ raises capital for the following aims:
      • Financing of current assets – replenishment of current assets, including:
            o For settlement of accounts with suppliers and contractors
            o For increasing commercial financing (increasing accounts receivable)
            o For payments under a contract, agreement, etc. (including for pre-payments under import contracts)
            o For pre-export financing of foreign trade contracts
            o For payroll payments, equivalent payments and related compulsory payments
            o For covering short-term cash gaps
            o Current repairs of real estate
            o Other aims not contradicting Borrower’s charter
     • Financing of fixed assets – capital investments, including:
            o Acquisition (construction) of new facilities and production capacities
            o Acquisition of machines and equipment
            o Acquisition of real estate
            o Acquisition of vehicles
            o Capital repairs of real estate facilities
            o Finishing works
            o Reconstruction of production capacities
            o Business diversification
            o Other aims not contradicting Borrower’s charter