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Phone in Moscow: +7 (495)720 02 82

Headquarters:Moscow-city, Testovskaya str 10, BC North tower, office 256

•PrimeCapital™ -  is a team of professionals striving to achieve the same aims. The combined work experience of the company’s employees in the finance and real sectors of economy of the RF is over 55 years.

Management of •PrimeCapital


Nosenko Andrey Yurievich

General Director. Member of the Board of Directorsof •PrimeCapital™.

Was born February 22, 1974, married, has a daughter.

In the beginning of 2008 he became CEO of •PrimeCapital™ .
In 2007 he was Finance Director of “StankoImpex Group” machine-building holding, was a member of the Board of Directors.
From 2005 till 2007 he held various management positions in ZAO “Transmachholding” (machine-building), developed and implemented budget management methods in Holding companies.
In 2001 he was Economic and Finance Director at «Temriuksky” food factory in the city of Temriuk, Krasnodar Krai, was a member of the Board of Directors and was responsible for raising financing and cooperation with strategic investors, supervised commercial matters.
After graduating from university (Moscow University of Methodology) as “Engineer-economist”, from 1996 till 2001 he was in charge of his own business.


Borisenkova Maria Anatolievna 

Deputy General Director for cooperation with banks and finance institutions. Member of the Board of Directors of •PrimeCapital™.

Was born May 25, 1971, married, has two children.

She has been involved in banking and audit activity since 1993 as head of various bank units such as operating, currency, internal control and audit units.
She was approved several times by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation as the Chief Accountant of the bank.
She worked for audit companies as head of the Bank Audit Department, Deputy General Director for bank audit matters and General Director.
She has a fundamental knowledge of the regulatory base of banking and accounting laws and methods of banking operations.
She is a professional bank auditor, has a certificate of CALAC CB RF for conducting audit activity in the field of bank audit dated 1998.
Taught at higher educational institutions: Moscow Institute of Economics of Management and Law, Finance Academy under the Government of the RF.
Before joining  •PrimeCapital™ she was head of risk management and internal control bank services.
In 1994 she graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronic Machine-building as “Engineer-systems technologist”. In 1995 she graduated from the Moscow Institute of electronics and mathematics (Technical University), specialty “Management”, and in 1997 she graduated from the same institute, as “engineer-production organizer, specialty “Management”.
In 1995 she received a diploma of GMI ENGINEERING & MENAGEMENT INSTITUTE, Flint, Michigan, specialty “Management”.
In 2006 she received a IFRS certificate of IFA (Institute of Financial Accountants).


Nazarov Kirill Vadimovich

Director of the Corporate Business Department. Member of the Board of Directors of •PrimeCapital™.

Was born May 09, 1970, married, has two children.

At •PrimeCapital™  he is responsible for interaction with clients – small and medium business enterprises.
From 2006 till joining •PrimeCapital™  he worked at the Bank of Moscow as deputy head of the Corporate Business Marketing Department., he developed and implemented products and services for corporate business in the following segments: small business (retail loan programs, express-leasing), medium business (leasing programs, commercial mortgages, package offers), large business (Cash Management, investment business); developed partner programs with large retail chains (Metro Cash & Carry, Ramstor); interacted with the Foundation for Small Business Support.
From October 2005 till December 2006 he worked at OOO CB “Attachebank” as Development Director and organized the work of the Client Department.
From 1994 till 2005 he held various positions, including managerial positions at JSCB “PROBUSINESSBANK”, ING BANK Eurasia (Moscow), ZAO BNP-Dresdner Bank.
Graduated from the State Linguistic University in Nizhny-Novgorod and International Business School «MIRBIS», Moscow; has an MBA certificate “International banking operations”.